Brazilian team in Frankfurt

Doris Dias

Begin to emerge the first evaluations of Brazilian participation in the largest book fair in the world. Contracts between national writers and Amazon and publishers buying copyrights twice compared to 2010 are reported, but the result goes beyond the book business and is the image of the country that emerges renewed.

In addition to breaking the record for the realization of parallel events with the presence of Brazilian art in several areas of the city, were the controversies,...

where and when

Machado de Assis magazine

Published by FBN (The National Library Foundation) since 2012

The selection of texts presented in two parts in the section leitura can give the impression of an "official" interest to disclose only the established names of our literature, which is not true.

The magazine Machado de Assis, a partnership between the Ministry of Culture, through the FBN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Press Officer of the State of São Paulo and Itaú Cultural, aims to introduce to international publishers translated excerpts of works of authors that stand out...


Lampião & Lancelote

Fernando Vilela (08/08/2011)



Adriana Calcanhotto


aim strap

on the stack

Dom Casmurro (Lord Taciturn)

Machado de Assis

Published in 1900, the romance Dom Casmurro, by Machado de Assis, tells the story of  Bento Santiago, as narrated by himself in his old age.  He begins his memories in his teenage years, when he and Capitu fall in love. The couple's plans are threatened by Bento's mother's promise to make hium into a priest.

During seminary years, Bento meets Escobar, who becomes his friend and confidant. is is Escobar who manages to convince Bento's mother to keep her promise but to turn a...

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